Marketing skills I’ve learned

Sometime, I think I am a good listener. It is very important for sale representative to listen to their customers and the customers will know if you are or not a good listener. I hate when I go to a car dealer and I tell them I want an Acura and they tell me that an Audi is so much better. I think that turns customers away. The second rule is to build community. When I go to a meet up and join groups I learn from them and grow. I feel that groups with the same interests grow together and can be a vehemence  supporter to each other. The next thing is broadcasting, I love to broadcast and educated my audience; however, the message must be valuable and interesting. It’s difficult but once I curated the right content it can become a vivacious outcome.


I love how Google can give us information in a blink of an eye, but it’s better to utilize it and store it in your head do not depend on it because if it’s not available it’s like having  dementia. Charlene’s Vision 

The Weather Sabotage My Plans


Thursday, February 9th, 2017, I planned to drive to New York to attend a concert.  All of a sudden, a snowstorm clobbered Connecticut and New York. I thought about it for five seconds. Should I stay home or should I go? I hustled out of my bed, and I jumped in the car and jeopardized getting into a pileup or even worst. I turned on the radio; it was blasting in my ear. They said, “Stay off the roads, they are dangerous.” I continued to pursue my plan. After ten minutes, I was smacked in the winter thunderstorm. I wanted to turn around, but I couldn’t find the exit. My heart was racing, and I was praying to get to New York safe. I called my brother and he said, “ARE YOU CRAZY?” I probably was crazy and I realized that I made a mad decision, but I was dying to show up at the concert. I was handcuffed to my steering wheel and I focused on the road. I drove twenty miles per hour; I listened to music to clam my anxiety. After five hours, which normally takes me two hours from CT to NY, I arrived safety to my destination.

Can you shut up?


I dwell on the past, and I was like fenced in a cage with no opening. My brain would ask, Do you remember when you saw that dead body? I still, remember those eyes staring straight with partially closed eyelids partially closed and maggots crawling everywhere; the odor twisted my stomach as I vomited. The image, will flows into my blood I had to decrease the oxygen that flows in my brain. I wanted my brain to shut up. I want to use the scissors to crave out my past. Then another

bad odor or any trigger and my brain would streamed in reverse, I couldn’t seem to move forward.

Types of Social Media behavior


There are different types of people’s behavior when it comes to social media. We have the creators. The creators are the ones who creates bloggers, videos, photos,, broadcasting and interacting with others, and they are so involved. Then comes the critics. The critics may or may not have a social media account but they critic others on social media. Jumping down to the joiners who passes on content to people they follow.  The spectators are hiding behind the corner and don’t want others to know that they are watching them when they post. They never comment, and they don’t even have an active account. They remind me of stalkers. Lets not forget about the inactive people who are not involved online at all. They don’t want any part of it.


There is always a race.


Some people join and some are tired of running.

How about you? What race would you run?

Everyday, I run to the bus stop in my four-inch pumps because it’s my new marketing strategy. In our fast-paced, high-tech era, it’s only about cutting through the clutter. Now, I have captured everyone’s attention. It doesn’t matter what they are thinking; it only matters that I am center of attention. What matters is to go viral, no matter if the content is real or compelling.

I thought what should I do next to keep them entertained? I made a full turn and I tripped over a bottle, and my bag flew up in the air. When I got up off of my sore knees, a woman helped me pick up my belongings. I hobbled to the bus stop. A guy kindly gave me his seat and said, “Are you okay?” I was so grateful. Ultimately, kindness counts.

I imprisoned everyone who was waiting for the bus. Now, the people at the bus stop look at me with a smile, and they are probably thinking of the scene. They know I am the person who busted my butt. How can I convert this into “Likes” on Facebook? I will try to run tomorrow and post it. I wonder how many people would “like” this post.

Once his eye open

Ny 20161230_212533.jpg


Once his eyes open, Kevin will use his fist as a weapon to break anything he sees. His knuckles are swollen and the soft outer broken skin is covered with blood, but he feels no pain just anger. He’s 42 inches tall and weighs only 45 pounds, but his voice weighs 200 pounds. He ripped my skin with his profanity. Escaping from the door was too easy, so he leaps out of the window barefoot and sweat pouring from his face with a Munster cheese odor. I am trending down a dark eerie road repeating his name. My vocal cords become sore and achy. All of a sudden, my ears perked up when I heard a tiny giggle behind the irritated shrub. My heartbeat bounced back normal. I creep closer. I see him shivering with his curly jet black hair, and he was showing his white teeth. I smile and say, “I see you!”

He starts to dash on the ground. I say, “Be careful! here, put on your shoes and your coat and lets go back home where it’s warm and safe.” I watch him put on his shoes as he covers his dirty stained bloody feet that were rooted in the dirt. We race to the house. I wanted to burn him out so he can eat, shower and lay down. I wonder when his eyes open tomorrow, what would be his impulsive, unstable behavior.

“Ok Google”

Unknown-1 6.41.33 PM.jpeg

“Ok Google” In the massive Chinese intervention in the Korean War, why did President Harry S. Truman declare a state of emergency? What about, “how to get to my house?” or “Can you remind me to pick up my clothes from the cleaners tomorrow?” or “Ok Google, order me The Art of the Deal book by Trump from Amazon.”  When will  “Ok Google”  be able to make up my bed and fold my clothes. One stormy night, the rain is tunneling mercilessly in the heart of my city.  I am snuggling under my warm furry blanket the muscles in my legs are chilled to the bone and I am wrestling to uplift my legs to use the bathroom. I asked myself “how can I get “Ok Google” to help me?”