There is always a race.


Some people join and some are tired of running.

How about you? What race would you run?

Everyday, I run to the bus stop in my four-inch pumps because it’s my new marketing strategy. In our fast-paced, high-tech era, it’s only about cutting through the clutter. Now, I have captured everyone’s attention. It doesn’t matter what they are thinking; it only matters that I am center of attention. What matters is to go viral, no matter if the content is real or compelling.

I thought what should I do next to keep them entertained? I made a full turn and I tripped over a bottle, and my bag flew up in the air. When I got up off of my sore knees, a woman helped me pick up my belongings. I hobbled to the bus stop. A guy kindly gave me his seat and said, “Are you okay?” I was so grateful. Ultimately, kindness counts.

I imprisoned everyone who was waiting for the bus. Now, the people at the bus stop look at me with a smile, and they are probably thinking of the scene. They know I am the person who busted my butt. How can I convert this into “Likes” on Facebook? I will try to run tomorrow and post it. I wonder how many people would “like” this post.

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